Thoughts on this design ? I have my doubts

Bear with me guys, this is my first 12v build!! Lol… I felt like it was a good decision when I bought that “Y” splitter, but looking at it now I feel like it’s too restrictive on that inlet. I feel like I can do better and provide a bigger, more open orifice for those fluids to pass through a lot more freely, and not have this pump have to work so hard to get the fluids through… anyone got any suggestions? Should I just hit the hardware store again in the morning and build a new splitter, maybe with ACTUAL 3/4 or 1" openings? Because the ball valve holes on the inside of that splitter are like 1/4"- IF that… I’m just not liking this :pensive: theres always tomorrow lol.

Being that a 12v sees some pretty strong mix I just don’t see those valves holding up very long. Sprayer Depot has a couple different 3 way valves and one with viton seals.


Get rid of that splitter build one out of shc 80 fittings or even better stainless.

So you guys aren’t necessarily worried about the inlets on the valves being too small? Just that the splitter wont last ? @marinegrunt @Firefighter4hire

Do you mean on the banjo cam locks? Get rid of them also any leak point you can avoid you should do that.

No I mean on the inside of that splitter… the female thread size is 3/4 however the actual hole the water/chemical flows through is smaller… I’m thinking it would be wise to have 1 inch for everything going in. Like an actual one inch pass through. Not a smaller hole on the inside… poor design on this splitter.

Yes build a better one out of a T and two 90 2 nipples and 2 ballvalves

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For sure… gonna wake up early and hit the drawing board and try to get this build done before I go out to wash… I’m blessed to have a booked calendar, but can be a PITA when you’ve got maintenance and other rig related stuff to do lol…

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Whats the splitter for anyways?


One pulls from the chem tank and the other- from my water tank.

So you’re always pulling a 50/50 mix? That’s too hot of a mix for pretty much anything. Doesn’t seem ideal at all unless you plan on rinsing with the 12v which you’re better off using your PW to rinse.

Probably just to rinse the pump out.


I just take my drop hose out of my batch mix and drop it into my water tank but its only a 65 gallon leg tank so its easy for me. If i had a tote id be doing it differently

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Same I just drop mine in a fiver to rinse it out at the end of the day

I’ve considered adding a 3 way for easier flushing. I have a valve on the side of my trailer that hooks to my buffer so I can wash my hands, fill buckets, etc. I usually just turn that valve on, keep it running into a 5 gallon bucket, and stick my drop tube in to flush. That’s easier than having to jump up on my trailer and get to my tote.

A 3 way could be another quick option to switch to your backup pump. I guess it doesn’t take long to switch over if you use camlocks.

If I do go with 3 way valves I’d go with this one. It has viton seals and looks like you can rebuild it too.

They also have this one but it has epdm o-rings.