Thoughts on this complex?


I know a few of you guys saw my post on cutting down time on deck washing for a complex we have been putting together an estimate for so i wanted to reach out again a little on pricing. Ive been back and forth with it and would like some input from my fellow washers. We are looking at 88 decks and recently added the washing of 11 buildings. I was first at 100/ea for decking (roughly 6x10 ea) but after them adding some work, am considering about cutting back to 90/ea and 1100 per unit (theyre all identical front and back). I have attached some pictures and would like some input from you gentlemen!


$650 per building…2 guys 2 hours max

$50 per deck…

for how small they are I’d use a 2 gallon pump sprayer.

Wash and spray the decks at the same time as buildings. 8 decks per building, should take 2 minutes to spray…2 minutes to rinse (even if you have to use light pressure) those decks are cookie cutters.

1150 per building with decks and should 3 hours max.

Depends on your market…charge what you can but don’t price yourself out of an easy job.


The only reasoning i was so high on the decks was due to the 2nd story decks. Theyre going to be a paid in the â– â– â–  for sure. Lots of ladder movement.


Theres also some pretty heavy areas. No doubt buildings alone are 1.5-2 hours each with 2 guys.


Don’t let the Tim tool cat read this lol. Same numbers and time for my guys


Alright guys i sat down and did a little math to myself. Couple backpack pumps for my decks. 70ea deck x 88 decks 6,160. 700 per unit x11 units 7700 totaling 13860. Call it 4 12 hour days for 2 guys (realistically 3) 288.75/hr. Divided by 2 guys 144/man hour roughly. Excluding chemical which i rough out to be $20 an hour between 2 guys give or take.


I didn’t follow all of that but 12 hour days at a complex probably won’t fly. Most places won’t let start on building exteriors until 8am and have to stop at 5pm.


That was just a rough off the top of my head. Should be about 25-30 hours if i had to guess with 2 good moving guys


You’ll probably have to work around furniture on the decks. If its early in the season most people won’t have their cushions on their chairs yet or plants out. Things you don’t want sh getting on. The weight of your hose will constantly be pulling the hose over the edge of the deck railing. It will drive you insane. Put a roof hook on your ladders so you can hook the top railing on the deck. It’ll keep your ladder from sliding off the deck and you can pull extra hose up onto the deck and loop it around the ladder or wire tie it to the ladder.


These are all things we have dealt with on a regular so nothing crazy! That is a good idea though!


If you’re putting SH in a backpack sprayer I would advise against it. I know lots of people do it but I also know two guys with bad chemical burns from leaking sprayers. They just didn’t feel it until it was too late.


Well gentlemen after consideration you wear right on pricing so i dropped down a bit. The only different i made was an extra $10 per upper deck. We are waiting to hear from the board, fingers crossed! We’ve did one of their other complexes last season and the property manager was ecstatic with the work and told this lady all about it and put us in contact with her so hopefully the board approves and we can get them scheduled up! Im waiting on my new reels to arrive to start putting together another truck, i want to get this thing moving!


Good luck. Hope you get it.