Thoughts on this 12v

Saw this at big box store, besides that, anyone have any feedback

Don’t waste your money on things like this. Save and invest in a better setup

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Yeah, i wasn’t going to buy it. But was looking at it to see if I could swap little motor out or something. All good, thanks

It is good for a job where you would have to fill up a pump up several times. I used one like it recently and it saved me several trips back to the ground and trailer. I believe @marinegrunt made a portable unit for some jobs. It would work well on wheels. My application was out of a bucket, so no wheels were required. You can replace the standard 1gpm pump unit on those with anything else. It does make for a cheap tank. I bought mine on black friday pretty cheap, but it may not be sthe same model.

Just so that you are clear, I don’t have a 12v system on my trailer, so this comes in handy. I have a little battery I bought for $20 and it lasts awhile. I then take it home and recharge it with the battery tender when it is low. It doesn’t go to every job.

Just another .02. For me, and for my purposes and less than $50, it was alright.

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I currently have multiple pumps for like my gutter grenade, a degreaser and window cleaner depend on which job I will get ill bring whichever. My housewash is will be and is out of 5 gal buckets. Was thinking along those lines, since I don’t have trailer or 12v system. Im sticking with what I currently have atm moment, it caught my eye while out tonight. Thanks

Virtually useless with 15” of hose. Leave it on the shelf.

@cturner120 All you need starting out is a couple pump sprayers for treating porous surfaces and an X-jet to post-treat driveways. Then you’ll realize how inefficient that is and build a decent 12v system.

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