Thoughts on purchasing Generac Pressure Washer 4200 PSI 4GPM?

I’ve been thinking about purchasing Generac’s most professional residential and commercial pressure washer. I will be using it for mostly residential and some small commercial jobs. Any thoughts from the floor on what’s a good first washer?

Generac and professional don’t belong in the same sentence.


I have the same specs but it’s dewalt direct drive. Honestly starting out it’s done wonderful and still strong but if I would have known about this page or had an older mentor in my area to tell me what I know now, I would have gotten atleast a 5.5 gpm belt driven pressure washer, psi above atleast 2,500. I want an 8 gpm. Working and saving up for it. But the reason I say those specs is because you can build off it into a bigger rig like some of these other guys have. Spend the extra couple hundred bucks, your first 2-3 jobs will pay for it.

Are you looking portable or skid? 4gpm? Belt or Direct?