Thoughts on new equipment


Just wanted to share for those new forum participants looking for whatever they are looking for…

Finally had the chance to use the new 5.5/2500 machine a few times. I am extremely happy i went this route instead of a 4/4k machine (i reckon). The difference in rinsing and soaping is absolutely astonishing from my first machine. Reading all the stuff about rinsing and soaping with the same nozzles was not happening with my smaller machine. There were a few instances today where i had to use the other nozzle due to wind and a few higher peaks, but the higher volume made it so much easier. Along with that im use to having to soap houses in smaller sections due to lower gpm, today i was able to break it up in fewer sections and certinaly saves time on the overall jobs.

Quick Connects: the last few years i have just ordered the cheaper stainless QCs and they have done good. Replaced a few when they finally went. After seeing people like @Racer (im pretty sure) talk about the more expensive stainless Hansen QCs i have ended up ordering enough for the few new hoses, guns, lances, injectors, etc. i got for this year and extras… spending $100’s of dollars on QCs wasnt exactly the easiest pill to swallow, but so far they are a dream… id gladly pay more as smooth and easy as they are to work with.

Whisper Wash Classic: worked very good with the machine today. Didnt have any issues today and i believe it cleaned very well… storm came i. While i was halfway done and bottom feel out so wasnt able to post treat, and get pics… will swing by this week and check it. Driveway had never been cleaned (20+ years) so pretreated and had to move slowly and go multiple directions, it was pretty nasty.

Ball Valve: decided to give it a try with the surface cleaner, it did make it easy to switch to the gun when needed… will not use it on normal washing without SC.

Bleach/SH: i always used 8.25% becuase it was easy to get. I went and found some 10% for job today used signifcantly less to get the house cleaned… if guessing i would have used about 3 more gallons if i had cleaned this house last year. Stopped being stupid and called around when i got home and found a place just down the street (forgot it was even there) that sells SH at 11-13%. They only sell/refill the 2.5 gal containers they sell, but that is fine… its a few minutes away and a trip there twice a week with a few containers should be fine for the workload i am hoping to secure.

Thank you to all those who share knowledge and experiences for those of us who are more or less getting started. For those starting out… BUY GOOD STUFF, bite the bullet and it will make life easy.


Just curious if you got the same results with your w.w classic using it forward as going backwards?


I used it on my driveway… its 2 years old and fairly clean, i hauled butt and it came out good… today this driveway was super dirty. I went forward and back, then side to side just to be safe… couldnt really tell ya between the two other than going forward the back end sometimes floated a little bit at times.