Thought this would be easy

Seeing people’s rigs already hooked up and looking at pics on here i thought this would be ALOT easier. Anyone got a truck bed setup? Need some tips. I ran out of room really quick and i want to do the plumbing where its out of the way if possible.


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Build a platform for reels, or get ladder rack and let them hang… and id imagine get a skid for machine would save a little space.

Those simpson hoses?


Im getting a ladder rack next month. Was going to see if i could mount hise reels to them if they are durable enough.

Yes it is. 200 feet for $99 figured it atleast hold up till i could get some better hose. Was discounted at my work.

Or could have platform welded up that sits on side if bed.

10-4… i got a 2 small sections of it cause it was cheap… its ok when you need extra, but it can be a pain at times.

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I built that skid mount and put some truck bed paint on it. Was planning on mounting the reel in the back but realized that would be all in the way.

Put machine on a skid… get rid of wheeed frame if its gonna stay put.

Have you seen a truck bed setup before on here or anyother forum? Trying to get some ideas on how to do this right. Spent every penny i had to get all this and cant affordbto mess up the plumbing :sweat_smile:

That was the plan but it was going to take awhile to get the skid mounted one and she discounted me this one because it had wheels couldn’t say no to that.

Yeah shud be some examples on here, look how ppl have set up small trailer builds too… keep it simple.

Ive studied @SchertzServicesLLC truck set up but good god his is very confusing. Lol

Already looked for truck bed pics didnt think about small trailer setup. Will look at those now. Thanks ken!

I think I pulled these off of this forum but not sure. Also you can look at John Lange’s YouTube videos.fd311ba49e67035899f31467ba6427224bd3bba1_1_666x5002baa17bfbfe17c176bdbbde3ab32bf3317067113_1_666x500


IBS dont tell me to get a trailer and get rid of my cheap crap and get a 16 gpm PW

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I seen you typing😂

Ya i already seen yo crypes setup

Hes who i got the pallet idea from

It’ll get you started but I’d put replacing it on your upgrade list now. I bought 100’ of it cause I am cheap. After purchasing 100’ of decent one wire off of Craigslist for $50 I’ve discovered the difference is incredible. No more Simpson hose for me.