This is what happens

This is what happens when you never heard of PWR.COM
This is what happens if you never heard of Thad or Tim or an accumulator.
This is the Information Age and this is where cleaners find IT!
Thanks Guys,

p.s. Just bought another pump and an accumulator.

Man Farrah was hot!! Sad she’s gone.
This is how old I am. In the early 70’s I had a Paper route and because I got some new customers I was able to get that poster free and it was fury like a rug(not being sleazy guys). That right n*pple was the big talk between me and my fellow 14 yr old friends… Darn that was so long ago.

Indeed that pic brings back memories for us… “grown-ups”.

I had that Farrah poster and this SNF poster in my room as a kid. Brings back a lot of memories.

Farah was my first poster. Great to see it again

John Devine.