This drives me crazy

I always get small amount of debris under windows and at the corners of houses. Nothing seemed to work, if you used your PW as soon as the water slowed down after spraying more debris came out, seemed clunky walking around the house with a garden hose and a rag was inefficient. Found something that works pretty well, I grabbed my Hudson pump up sprayer and removed the debris with that. I either flush it off the bottom of the siding or able to push it slowly back into the seam or under the downspout.

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Just rinse more. Maybe I don’t understand your problem. Rinse till the stuff is gone.

I typically just rinse the best I can, then during my walk around I use a rag and wipe the bottom window seals and wipe and loose random debris off the house. You will always have a hole or something that just spills dirt no matter what


Agree and drives me nuts, this particularly is obvious in the front of the house with corners and lights that attract small bugs and is commonly the first place the home owner looks when I’m done.

This is exactly the reason a house wash takes more than an hour. It’s amazing what a rag can do after you think you hit something like crazy with water.

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Mud daubers. Rinse all you want, dirt keeps running down!

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Once you’ve thoroughly rinsed just come back and lightly mist underneath the windows with your low pressure fan spray horizontally. Don’t re-rinse the windows or debris will just keep coming down trapped between the screen and window. Wipe with a cloth on final walk around.

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Just to piggy back and show some methods I picked up to resolve these pesky dirt run issues I see during my walk around, this is what I do. One rag on a pole like @squidskc demonstrated in one of his videos, and another in my hand. Pole is great for soffits and higher specs of dirt. Other rag is for the lower stuff and window trim