Thinking about a WFP set up

Can I get any input on this from the window guys that also PW. Im looking to “TRY” the WFP as a add on. Thanks for the time. ALso what else would I need with this kit?

I’d add a large carbon per filter to it… You can find them at lowes or home depot for about 50 bucks. I would also add about 200 foot of hose so you can leave the tank on the truck or trailer. I use 1/4 airline hose and it works great for me.

You’ll love the wfp!

I was looking at the same kit.

Which hose is which? In the video there is a red hose and a blue hose. It looks like the red hose is a garden hose going from the water source to the tank and the blue hose going from tank to pole?

What is the power source, the spigot?

Micah, you said you added a carbon pre-filter, why?

Thanks for the help

Is that upgradable? Could you add extra sections to the pole?

No, but this one is:

With these:

Nice, thanks Thad.

Well thanks to the SPECTACULAR PWRA meeting and Perry Tate coming in I was helped to see that this was not the best unit for me. With my TDS rates so high I actually need a RO/DI system to break it down to 0 PPM… Knowledge its super powerful… So I’m leaning toward this set up.

and this pole

Or wait for the special surprise the “NEW” unit thats coming out which was at the AWESOME PWRA Huntsville Workshop…

OK, spill the beans!! Tell us about it

All i can say is that it was shiny and pretty…But was very user friendly,light weight…
If you want to know more JOIN the PWRA.Then you get a great discount on it when it comes out,a great big sticker that’s awesome, and great dealer discounts. :0).

But the system made adding a WFP a no brainer for us in early 2013…

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LOL, I am a member

I know John had said it was in Beta Testing but it was a pretty cool WFP unit… I’m holding off on it for a cpl more months … Probly get it in Jan hopefully that unit will be out by then. I did do the WCR Test Drive where you take the test and get some at home education on the WFP and then they send you a small compact unit to try at home and clean your windows. But my March I’ll be a WFP Pro… :slight_smile:

Is this unit from Reach-It? ARCPW?


I think so. If its the one that was at huntsville yes…

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Well if it was shown there then it has to be because Perry from future of cleaning was there. Interesting


I didn’t take a picture of it but im sure it’ll be out soon

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