There's Pele, "The" Babe,Tiger and...Thad...Thad?

There’s only so many people that you can use one name and most people know who your talking about. We have Thad.

Thad has done a ton of rock solid things such as the creator of NOLA & co-founder of the PWRA for example. How many Thads do you even know that also happened to powerwash and clean windows? Bet not to many can name one except for the one and only here-- THAD:cool:

If there’s another Thad out there in our field do tell & this doesn’t count Thad wanna-bees which some of us can name a few of.

Never met Thad. Hope to meet soon.

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One of the things I love about this Industry is you have Thad from LA and myself from NY and where did we meet? At some far away RT in NC that only happened to be one of the biggest RT’s known to date.

I also met another industry Icon from IL who I admired from afar for years. He’s since passed on. His name was David Olson.

would you like us to leave you two alone for some “special” time in your bromance :confused:

John will you be in nola in january for the contractor s event

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Lol… Not that there is anything wrong with that(Seinfeld show)… Where to much red blooded males that love our ladies and contractor industry stuff. Hmmm maybe there is something wrong about us lovin the contractor Industry stuff:D

Hey Jeremy-I’d love to go there again especially considering I had to much “cheer” the last time and lost a whole day, but I got to much kid stuff going on next year. We definitely plan on going again in the future to another great NOLA event. This is one event that would be at the very highest of my recommendations to make it a “Must” attend event.

Thanks I’m going for the first time and I live in nola

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I heard Thad may have Phil Robertson speaking this year.