There are Conventions and then there are joint Conventions

I’ve been to 6 Conventions now within this Industry. Most were excellent. One of the Conventions was a joint Convention and counting the crowd that came to the Showroom there was an estimated 700+ people total. Not big in most industries but quite Large for our Industry. Quite frankly I think one day these trade shows can be in the thousands but where not there yet.

If you think going to a Convention within this Industry gets you pumped which in most cases it does, just imagine how pumped you would be to go to a joint Convention.

I always recommend to go to an event if you can swing it because it’s amazing what you can take away from it. If you ever get an opportunity to go to a “Joint” event it will knock your socks off especially if you have an interest in both groups that are hosting it. Even if you don’t it’s still great to talk to some business owners on the other side who can relate to what it is you do for your business.

Food for thought.

John T. you and I have been to PWNA/IWCA and PWNA/NADRA and in my opinion I feel it opens each group up to more folks from similar industries. It allows for a greater opportunity for networking with others who are willing to share their methods and tips. It further opens up the larger group to hear from speakers and educators that help us become more successful by learning how others operate their business. While I learn from all types of events at this point I enjoy hearing from other business owners and other trades on their systems and successes that I can apply to my business. Usually a win/win for everyone.

John and Everett I have met you both before at conventions and other events. Even though you both specialize in different areas of cleaning I learned that you both had a common goal to help others in the industry. I think all of us in the business can learn from different organization’s and groups no matter where we are in the country or what kind of cleaning we specialize in. I believe everyone from newbie t o novist has something to gain from the multiple cleaning organization’s.

Couldn’t agree with this more.

Also search out who or what you think will benefit your business the most. In my case I searched years ago who I thought would be the best person who was willing to “Teach” me more about wood restoration and who could also back up everything he said. So I went to his class one day along with 40+ others and most of us did pretty well afterwords dealing with wood restoration. Who’s class was that? EVERETT ABRAMS who taught it at the only “Dual” Convention I ever had the pleasure of attending.- small world-

I am heading to the ICE Expo in January (30-31) in Vegas, which is a new event and it’s for a different group. It’s a new event and combines four cleaning industries: car detailing, carpet cleaning, janitorial, and restoration. (I’m not sure how we’ll fit into the mix, but I’m excited to see what I learn. Plus the event is very inexpensive – Free to attend, $65 a night at the hotel.) The people putting it on have created it because there’s a lot of crossover in these industries, and because people – including vendors – are getting tired of having to spend so much to travel to various events. It’s EXPENSIVE for vendors to have to travel around the country to a lot of dinky little shows with very little traffic. And quite frankly, a lot of vendors are getting frustrated by it.

Big events – and last year’s PWRA was the biggest/most beneficial pressure washing event I’ve been to, especially from a vendor’s standpoint – make a lot more sense, at least when it comes to suppliers coming and supporting it. I think small events, like NOLA or some of the round tables, are probably more beneficial when it comes to networking unless the people puttiing it on REALLY work at ways to help people connect. But from a TRADE SHOW standpoint, bigger is better all around, and crossover/joint events are very effective. Vendors want TRAFFIC and SALES. Period.

[MENTION=6339]Everett Abrams[/MENTION] … Good to see you aboard … I was sitting directly in front of you at the Maryland event … Great to have another Wood Guy here :o

Hey, Sean it was a great event. I wish I had more to time to speak with everyone there, you included. I will be doing quite a few more events this year than I have in the past few years so folks will be seeing me around.

I have also been to joint conventions with the IWCA and PWNA and preferred that because I was able to grow and network in both areas only having to take one break from work and buy one airline ticket. The industry’s are so closely related anyways that I am not sure why they elected to keep the conventions separate.

That joint Convention in Dallas was a huge success. Everett Abrams in the above post was one of the catalyst who helped made that happen.
This is only my opinion but these org’s need to do separate events most of the time to keep themselves well established in representing their membership.
It’s nice though when you can get 2 org’s to work together especially when the are alot of BOD’s to deal with. To pull that one off was an amazing experience to be a witness to that and being able to go to that Convention(my first Industry Convention).

The icing on the cake though is to see every now and then another dual/multi org event that represents different established groups where there all in one house.

Give the contractors/distributors what they want and I can see this being something that many Industry people would love to see and be a part of again.

I really liked the one in Charleston S.C. a few years ago, it was NCE & CETA. But it was kind of awkward at times because some Contractors knew as much about the equipment as the Manufacturers did, LOL! But a great show none the less!

Just thinking out of the box here, but why not have one with a potential Customer base Org. or Association? This makes more sense to me, but maybe I’m not looking at it correctly.

What do you mean by a “Customer base Org. or Association”?

You serious? You really don’t know what I’m talking about John?.. BOMA ring a bell? NAA? NHOA?

Jeez never mind.

I didn’t know what you were talking about either.

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How to speak “up north” – i.e., lessons from the Albany, New York mall

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