The White Vinyl Blues

Opinon time. Rust or deterioration from lack of sunlight.
It’s at least 10 years old.

Seems like all the yellowing is in shaded areas.

Try a magic eraser on an inconspicuous spot. Do live near industrial area or an airport?

It’s not near any industrial areas that was my first thought. It is however near an active air force base but I was not aware of a connection.

Like this thing?

Yeah. The houses near our airport, have a greasy fall out kinda stuff on them and all the lower income houses in industrial areas have a grayish tint on all the extended edges of siding.

I posted some pics at some pointed that the only thing that took it off for me was degreaser and brush until I figured out magic erasers and Barkeeper’s Friend sped up the process quite a bit.

You may never see it on anything darker than white siding.

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Cool beans guess I’m running to target in the a.m. How goes the mega church. I hope they are having a thankyou brunch for you after services sunday!

This is one of them. Housewash didn’t touch it.

The church got delayed today because of 20+ mph winds. Shouldn’t have spoke too soon.

Blaa sorry, good thing you built in the extra day !!!

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Vinyl deteriorates because of EXPOSURE TO sunlight, not because of a LACK of it.


That’s a valid point. :sunglasses:

Yes, I know

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Like I know what’s going on. I’m like a weedwacker short of my true calling over here!!!

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I was however smart enough not to agree to washing the house until I was certain I could remove or not remove the stains. So there’s that🤗

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No, you’ll be fine with time and experience.

Just be sure to search “rust in white vinyl” “discoloration”, “oxidation” etc, etc and you’ll figure it out pretty fast.

I tried white vinyl deterioration and rust on vinyl and a few others… then I almost ordered f9 from southside…till I seen it was 32 bucks for shipping…ouch

If it’s rust Florida Labs has the best prices on oxalic, but on light rust in a pinch oxalic in barkeepers friend will work