The soft gentle spray of a fatboy on a roof

Here is a post made last year showing the spray pattern for a roof cleaning. I believe that we have less run-off this year than what is shown in the video. Is it the Snot or maybe Zach moves faster?


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Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Hagerstown MD - YouTubeHere is another video showing roof cleaning detergent being applied.

[video=youtube_share;YwvtKWEYdjQ]Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Hagerstown MD - YouTube

So, like PW’ing- bottom to top is the way?

Correct. Our technique is a bit more refined now. We don’t have near as much run off as we used to.

When spraying from a ladder, try to start mid way up the roof and go to the top. Then come back and start spraying from the gutter line up to the mid point that you started at.

Then you don’t have as much time with all of that fume action right under your nose.

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Thanks, Tim. Would that also apply to spraying from the ground?

I guess. I don’t really get the spraying from the ground thing. I can climb up a six foot stepladder and sit down to spray. Sitting on the ground to spray makes it too hard to change positions. :slight_smile:

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Tim, wish you would have posted this last Thursday :cool:

We did our first roof with Bob’s Fatboy and shot from the top down. Even with roof snot, there was a lot of run off. The results were good, happy customer, but man one area had me super nervous with all the RO.