The Pressure Washer Mafia is BACK!

[CENTER][SIZE=4]Do you want a Limited Edition 2013 PWRA Pressure Washing Mafia shirt?[/SIZE]

[LEFT]PWM Godfather and PWRA Charter Member Scott “Squirtgun” Karvonen has graciously allowed us to print a limited run of PWRA edition PWM shirts.

This is about as cool as it gets!

These shirts are not authorized for sale. Join the Pressure Washing Resource Association today as a Standard Member and get yours for FREE. If you are already a member, refer a new member and you both get the hottest pressure washing shirt on the planet PLUS your membership in the most dynamic, progressive, coolest Association our industry has ever seen.

[CENTER][SIZE=4]It’s time to take your business to the next level.
Make your bones in December 2012 and make bank in 2013!



wear that in NJ and you might end up next to Jimmy Hoffa or get arrested depending on who sees it first, :cool:

Those are awesome!!

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

Well that sucks!!

I have the hoodie, the hat and a shirt with Scott K’s Powerwashing Mafia on it. Real cool shirts and totally awesome there now a part of the PWRA. I need to find someone to join the PWRA cause I want that new one there with the PWRA logo on it as well.:smiley:

How long will this opportunity last to get these shirts?

At least through the end of the month.

Why are they not for sale? I’m already a member and don’t know anyone I can refer. I’d like one just the same. :frowning:

Phil I’m with you…Maybe we can talk Scott into selling us some and sending the profits to a charity of the memberships choice. (Poll question) Wouldn’t mind seeing PWR/WCR on the sleeve…just a thought

Welcome to the PWM, Jeff East and Guy Blackmon!
Shirts will go out next month.

You can’t think of one single person who can benefit from the member benefits and networking of the Pressure Washing Resource Association?

I’d like to get a shirt.

Why not just refer someone to PWR and get one that way, I mean this is a Membership drive kind of thing…Right? Why not get into the sprit of the thing instead of “I want one” or “let’s call Scott”. Maybe at a later time PWR will be able to offer these shirts for sale to Members.

Until then why not support what PWR is trying to do here.


I would love one of these shirts.

[CENTER][SIZE=5][FONT=arial]Join the Pressure Washing Resource Association and get your exclusive PWRA Pressure Washing Mafia shirt FREE!

Offer ends January 15, 2013.
Make your bones today![/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]


January 15, 2013 at midnight is your last chance to get in on this offer!

Offer ends January 15!