The Powerwashers/Linda and her Grandfather Babe Ruth

Tomorrow I’m in. I have a meeting with the president of Post productions Welcome to Broadway Video on all of this. She is also coming in on my outside stuff where she will be given documented folder #14. I was told today the story is worth a ton and they don’t know what my committee within the <ACRONYM title=“power washers of north america”>PWNA</ACRONYM> and on the outside know.

The end of the day whatever happens this all is going to get shifted over to Linda and her husband Andy to make there decisions. I already told this President I wouldn’t except any payment or anything except for maybe some SNL tickets but there free and I can get them anyway thru my brother in-law…
The only two things I wanted was what the <ACRONYM title=“power washers of north america”>PWNA</ACRONYM> organization saw last year as did John Orr - is to have an International Award named in Linda’s and her Grandfathers honor thru the Powerwashers… That is a very realistic goal.

The other thing I want is that Dying wish of linda’s mom to come true… which is that Presidential medal of freedom but that’s on hold… but the end of the day of all this do not count that one out.

Anyone who saw this like I did…you all will have your own stories to tell.
John T.

Everyday I get a little closer with the help from some friends.

With a little luck I may be heading in within a few weeks. I may take the ultimate risk yet and an avenue is beginning to open up. Will keep you guys in the loop.