The Original Shooter Tip Review

So I go to the Facebook Page:

and initiate contact several months ago and receive this a couple of days ago:

So I find the fittings and a gun to put this together

Since I still XJet, I put my DSI at the base of my gun and gave it a go. Here’s my experience: the first thing I noticed was the lack of kickback that I experience with my XJet, So this is an indication that my volume is much lower with the TOST, and yet the stream seems to go no further that my XJet. As I continue to experiment with TOST, I discover that it DOES go further by a few feet with a much more concentrated stream than my XJet. With my DSI the mixed solution does the job, but with much less wasted chems but also much less volume, reminding me of a post by @Innocentbystander where he retorts that chems are cheap but time is expensive (paraphrasing)…

I find TOST to be almost superfluous except where those extra few feet or pinpoint accuracy is needed at distance for the XJet aficionado. It’ll likely be an infrequent weapon in my arsenal.

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I like the lamp.

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I did buy xjet recently, it will be for the brick areas where or where i need stronger mix than with DSing… the ease of DSing and having the jrod to stop soap is just too easy. I dont wanna drag a bucket around.

With that said, this bigger machine may let me use my soaping tips to rinse and soap and i can pull the hose from bucket.

Thanks for review, but all about what is easier and faster. Hope your doing well.

So you sprung for a professional rig? What’d you get? I saw where @squidskc wrote about getting 100 ft. of 3/8" hose for $30. If he’ll be kind enough to respond with a link, I may start pulling chems from the truck with my XJet. What I like the best about my XJet is the control I have over the solution and the adjustment-on-the-fly from fan to zero, and also the way I can change so quickly from XJet to surface cleaner without concern for the DSI reduction in volume.

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5.5@ 2500. Yes the adjustability is certainly worth the hassle. I will get use out of it, but i doubt ill stray from DSing

George, George, George - take you to school, buy you books and well you know, lol
Will elaborate more later.

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You use the M5 nozzle to DS dont ya?

Yes, but my M5 is on a different gun. It downstreams very well but didn’t want to modify my XJet like I’ve seen on YouTube for TOST.

I tried the shooter tip this year. I DS using the jrod to soap and rinse with my 5.6 gpm. I used the shooter to rinse and I think I got maybe a foot or two more. Like @MrSparkleVA said the stream was a little tighter at height. I now have it on one of my Jrods. I give it a thumbs up.



…on it’s way! Thanks, Rowdy!

Not sure why people bother with the hassle of trying to get a Shooter Tip. Innovatives tips shoot better and you can put an order in online and get your tip a few days later in the mail. Easy transaction with no excuses or hassle.

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Link please
Thank you


Link please

The choice isn’t as cut and dry as Tim made it seem. Google the two and you will find people who prefer one over the other, and others who say they are about the same.

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What I’m saying is if you want to wait several months for a piece of equipment you order then that’s on you. If you want to order something and get it a few days later and put it to work then innovative is the answer.

My comment was in reference to this.