The Mole and Jersey Show # 4

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Video: The Mole and Jersey Show, Episode 4: Yard Signs, Tim Fields, and other awesomeness

Thanks for the interview Michale mole. It was fun.

my pleasure Tim! Thanks for the great deal for viewers.

Another great video!! I like Tim’s word play where he says “Them”. Once again Tim shows it’s not about him but it’s about others such as his customers–Smart–

As for the guy on the ladder it looks like one of my guys from the past–DOH!!

Check out this video guys if you haven’t already:cool:

Thanks John. Tim was such a good interview. Thanks to everyone who has viewed. Check it out if you haven’t.

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Your signs are Absolutely amazing…Thanks for your wisdom!!!

Hey Michael/Josh I’m going to PM you guys an idea that you may or may not find interesting. If it’s good keep it, if not count it as a throw away.