The Mole and Jersey Ep1


Episode 1. Thanks to Thad and Chris for allowing us to post here.

Tell us what you think! We have already made some changes and we are looking forward to podcasts very soon!

Good job guys. Pretty entertaining. For the newer guys maybe some hands on stuff. For the experienced guys more on growing the biz.

All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

Can’t wait for the live broadcast from NOLA 2014.

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That is some awesome stuff!

Nice job guys!

You covered some good areas.

Keep it up.

Loved it!! Actually watch it twice. The second time with the chair of Clean County Power Washing - Homepage | Clean County Power Washing who just happens to be my wife Kathy. She thought it was great:cool:

Hey Josh so how did you come up with the nickname Jersey anyway?

All this makes me think of 2011 when I use to call Thad up on Sundays to break balls. I use to call this “Sundays with Thad” after the great book “Tuesdays with Maury”.

If you look at these pictures of this house from the show “The Jersey Shore” you will see I’m holding my I-pad that has Thads picture on it. You can see it better with I-pad by the stairs picture. What that says was I was at that Jersey Shore house(We vacationed near by every summer) and it must have been on a Sunday and I had Thad on my mind—So I called him;)

So what’s up with that Jersey name of yours anyways??

It’s just a nick name some friends came up with, and it sounds better than The Mole and Josh show…I love the feedback!!!

And I like that Sundays with Thad!

Don’t you have two nicknames, Josh?

Those Sundays With Thad were brutal.

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