The Hurricane


Yea, I thought it was strange too. We actually have a team in Virginia right now. Not sure what happened, but we got reactivated and they sent us to Virginia. We sent a limited team so I stayed back this time. I would imagine most of the FEMA teams would be activated or at least on standby. Anyway, stay safe man.


The weather channel is saying it’s moved down to catagory 3?


And heading to SC.


I’m sure you are ok with that news!


Sucker going right over my house Sunday but hopefully not too bad by then. They’re saying winds less than 40 and only about 5" of rain.
@Innocentbystander your beach trailer may float up to your house with 30-40" of rain


Any news on your properties down near the coast?


I tried for 6 hours to drive 110 miles. Every road East of Clinton NC is washed away or under water. Couldn’t get with 20 miles.


That sucks man. Ive been seeing all the damage near that area. 13 people including a kid has died already. Be safe tring to get there. Never know when a dam could break or a tree could fall in front of your truck


That’s why I came back. Gotta leave in a few hours to head to Nashville TN to start a property tomorrow. Nap time for now


How do you get your WC to cover more than one state. I was asked to bid a property in south GA but was not able to get my WC to cross state lines . And was not able to get WC in GA because I’m based in FL .


I used to have LLC 's in several states and it was super complicated with taxes. Last 4 or 5 years Eire insurance has worked it out for me but I still have to file taxes in several states. My wife or accountant could explain it better. I’ll talk on the phone her tonight while I’m driving.


Awesome thanks


I don’t understand all of it but wife says my policy covers the guys for 10 days out of state. After that they are still covered but she has to enter payroll differently and it goes up a certain percentage. Hope that makes sense. Your agent should make it simple to understand


Thanks man I’m going to call my agent tomorrow and see if I can do that. Thanks again