The Hurricane


Thanks, you as well.


Ha! They are heading North otherwise I would. Are you worried about the rain prediction for the Raleigh area? Any advice on what to do with my pw trailer?


You’re married to an incredible lady!


Stay safe everyone and a big thanks to Hookandladder and others serving.


My shop flooded last hurricane. I’m bringing all the trucks to my house. Take your trailer to the marina and see if they will put it on one of the above ground boat slips? Can your family take it with them?


I know this may seem like horrible timing to ask… but I am heavily involved with the local FEMA agency. We don’t deal with hurricanes obviously.

I have always wondered if pressure washing companies that travel to post natural disasters stay busy? I’m sure FEMA would pay the bill for the most part. @Innocentbystander do you get a large call volume for post disaster cleanup?


Stay safe brother. I am on a state task force team and we got activated today to head your way and a couple hours later they cancelled us. Not sure why, but we were loaded and ready to head your way. Thoughts and prayers with you guys.


Net 800 billing lol


What you mean?


Looks like taking a little more northern turn, just now seeing stuff for the day. Dang, means sucks a little more for us but still not direct hit so thankful as of now… 8 month pregnant wife and area will likely flood… fingers crossed.


Take you 800 days before they pay you lol


Oh lol gotcha! I was looking at it like you’ll net 800 billion. Figured you were cracking a joke about how some contractors make millions doing nothing on disasters.


Only if you work for the electric company. I know several friends who went to Puerto Rico and make 100k in a few months and didn’t do anything


My father in law was there for a month as a lineman. Me made more in a month than I do a year as a safety officer lol #butthurt


My son’s MEU is at sea so my DIL and grandchildren are leaving Camp Lejuene (actually Sneeds Ferry) and heading north.


Hey Dan, i was stationed at Homestead AFB and my new bride and i just bought a townhouse at the Gardens of Homestead before Andrew blew both away…longest, hardest 3 months of our lives. We didn’t think we were going to survive Hurricane Andrew.

Please don’t try to ride it out if you are in an evac area. Better to be safe than sorry. You all are in my prays.


Just saw that it’s gained strength. Not looking great for you guys! Please be safe!


Thanks for the well wishes. That is strange they catcalled you. I heard 23 of the 26 FEMA teams have been activated. I have a buddy LA County said his SARs team activated. We will see man.


They’re activating people in the Portland area.


This guy has pretty solid info on the hurricane’s trajectory

Stay safe folks