The Hurricane

Florence is coming. To everyone in the affected area, good luck. We are located in Morehead City, NC, on the beach, and will be getting the brunt of the storm. This storm is no joke, if you are in the path, either be prepared or get out. I do not have the option to leave, due to my profession, but I highly advise anyone that does not need to be here, get out now and head to safety. Sorry for the broken record, but this is a game changer.

Be safe. Be smart. Good luck.


This time last year I was without power for two weeks. Hear is a list of what I used during that time.
10k generator
Over 150 gallons of fuel
4 propane tank
10 cases of water
$200 can goods
No WiFi so about 30gigs of data
Fridge and freezer were stocked with all meats and normal stuff
About $50 at Redbox since we had no cable or internet.
I’m sure I forgot a bunch of stuff.
Even though we were without power we were not roughing it be because we were prepared.


tire plug kits for all the roofing nails that end up in the street and at least one window unit are my two additions to that list

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Ensure you have all important docs in plastic ziploc bags, passports, cash, pictures, etc.


I did forget that . All the generator ran was a window unit I put in the bedroom the fridge the tv in the bedroom and hot water heater. Basically we turned the master bedroom in to the FBO . Without a/c in the rest of the house the mesqitos took over every time the door opened. That was probably the worst part

29 days without power in 96 when Fran hit. My wife was Ranger at Wm B Umstead park in Raleigh. They’re are only 4 ranger residences in the park and were were way down the list of priorities. Army Corp of Engineers set up a generator but it was a long, hot month.

29 days :flushed: I was loosing my mind by the end of week one. My wife was loosing her mind after hour one.

We didn’t have kids then but it was still rough.

Two months during Andrew without power

Keep your family’s safe & your powder dry…

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If that’s all you run, a 10k generator is over kill and burns more gas than necessary. Gas becomes a hot commodity quick

That would be tru with a commercial gene but the portable ones are only rated at 1/2 load . If you want to run 5k for any amount of time you need a 10k . The hot wat heater and window unit would put pretty good load on it. These northstar units are no onan

And completely unrelated except my wife and I spent our 3rd anniversary cutting down trees to get out of the park on this day in 1996. This popped up on my Facebook today from a few years ago


Stay safe…


I hope you are getting your family out of there and to a safe place. Why do you HAVE to stay?

My family is leaving at 0800 tomrw. I am a FF/paramedic. Its my duty to stay and help those who need it


That is awesome

Im in Greenwood sc probably not going to be bad here but last year around this time a tornado cause by the last hurricane destroyed my neighbors place and may others

Thats good glad to hear they are evacuating. You are a great guy for staying to help others. Stay safe


Get them to stop by Currie and throw my lawn furniture in the pond. I’ll fish it out later