The Gold Standard Gen 2 DS Injector has ARRIVED!

Hey, did you happen to send out that 1.7?

@mwpws I had text you to compare both nozzles side by side and verify which one was larger but I didn’t hear back from you. It honestly slipped my mind after that. Im happy to mail you the smaller nozzle tomorrow. Text me anytime, you have my number.

ok, cool no worries thats my bad. Ill check this week and hit you up.

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I am glad I found this thread. I just ordered a remote system last night.

Just curious, is the engineering/sales department available to discuss your metering valve. It looks great and compared to others you cannot beat the price.

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I’ll do my best to help you :rofl:

Old thread, but @dperez your website shows everything as sold out. Is your store still operational?

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Ha, it is! I just wanted some time off :rofl: I’ll likely put everything back online really soon. I was too busy with everything I had my hand in.

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Ok, I’ll bookmark it and check in. :+1:

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Man that blend station is awesome, when yall gonna get more of them? I see your ds injectors are sold out too.

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Thanks for the compliment :smiling_face:

I have parts on hand to do well over a hundred complete assemblies :grin: They just take me a good minute to assemble because everything has to be just so. Lubing every o-ring on the union connections, clean thread tape starting one thread back, adjustment of every valve so the exact same preload is on every ball to seat. There are tons of silly stuff only I would care about lol you even get a template for easy peasy mounting :grin:I’ll get some built by this weekend. I put The Gold Standard DS injector back in stock a few days ago, though. Sorry we missed you on that one.


You good I just found out about you like 30 minutes ago. haha. I’ll bookmark your website.

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Did I miss something? Wondering the difference in orifice injector nozzle size. Currently have a 4 gpm machine we run at 3000 psi. I imagine that helps with decision or doesn’t mean a thing lol.

.070" orifice would suit your gpm the best

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Shoot me a message when you have them back in stock if you can! Also future reference. Is the size smaller mean more chem or is it opposite?

They will always be in stock! :wink: I have another run coming off the machines this coming Friday. You want to restrict as much as possible within reason. The smaller the orifice in the injector nozzle equates to a higher velocity through the nozzle. When velocity increases the pressure drops. More of a pressure drop equals more suction. Positive displacement pumps have the ability to overcome just about any restriction IF you have the horsepower to overcome it. This is why you can’t size it down too much.