The Epic Webinar (for those who are interested)

Chris and I founded cleaning companies from scratch with no money. Fast forward a few years and we had a combined 75+ employees with just under $500,000 a month in collective revenue.

Let us show you EXACTLY what we did to achieve this. Better yet, I only worked 4 hours a week on my business the last two years I owned it. The content in this webinar series took me 2 months to put together. It is REAL insight with zero fluff.

BONUSES for Webinar 1 - Automate:

-Business Systems Checklists (20 page PDF)
-Phone Script Cookbook (9 page PDF)
-Training Videos (Window Wealth)
-Customer Life Cycle Document

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Invite your friends in other cleaning businesses.

Thanks for sharing this Josh.

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Welcome! Happy to help. Thanks.

Chris would you say that you had a very happy positive working atmosphere with in your company most of the time?

The times I went to the All County offices there was always a really positive, upbeat vibe.

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I would say “Happy” yes. Maybe not “Very Happy” most of the time. Overall it was a good environment. It was extremely fast paced. We never had a lot of turnover in the office. Most people lasted 5 - 7 years. Some of the core staff still works for the new owner.

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Did you sell this part of your business Chris?

Hi John!

I sold off about 80% of the business 2 years ago and then the other 20% about a year ago.