The Difference?

Hey guys, Thankyou all for your wealth of knowledge. I am considering getting into the washing business. I have been reading and watching all the videos I can. My plan is to open a detail carwash, for Boats, Motorcycles, Campers, and cars and trucks. I am planning on having storage buildings for boats, campers and smaller ones for personal belongings. I really want a mobile unit to be able to wash houses, driveways, and roofs. That being said most of everything I have seen is leaning towards the softwash or electric 60psi pumps. The only thing I have actually seen the pressure washer wash was concrete. Just curious as to why would I need a Big New Fancy Pressure washer if your just gonna wash concrete? It seem that most of the cleaning will come from the chemicals? Any Advice for a Noob who is peeking into the business would be greatly appreciated…

You need to keep reading and studying, just keep in mind that time is money. Good rough explanation - cleaning power equals psi times gpm. Volume usually, but not always, more important than pressure. For mobile detailing, with some of the other, you need to find a happy medium or if you’re rich, one of each. Historically, mobile detailing not particularly lucrative. Most guys I know bust their ass all day to make $200. Same thing you can make in 90min or less pressure washing or roof cleaning.

I bought my van from a guy who was using it as a mobile vehicle detailing setup. He said there wasn’t any money in it, and he sold all his stuff with it. Now for all i know, there is good money in it if you are in the right place, and do it right… just passing along what he said.

You can softwash with a pressure washer, it’s referred to as downstreaming. Many many people use pressure washers to wash houses, most people here do.

Matter of fact, here’s a great video @racer made the other day showing how he does it:

You can pick one or the other, but it’s really best to have both a pressure washer and a dedicated pump, like a 12V or booster pump. Pressure washer for stuff like concrete or wood cleaning, and the dedicated pumps for times when you need stronger chemicals, like for roofs.

Like racer said, just keep reading and it will start to make sense soon.

Thankyou guys for the replies, Great video… I’m just trying to take as much info in as I can thankyou again…