The Darkside Of Gear Drive

Still holds true.

They tend to beat the shafts, mine is still holding… but for how long?

FYI gear drive was pulled to replace the shaft seal… otherwise no issues

Im using an 1 1/8in adapter on the 1in shaft and that was a helluva tight fit. Hopefully Ill be immune to this problem.
Do you remember if the geardrive slid onto shaft fairly easy? Where did jou get your geardrive from and brand?

That’s not bad at all, despite looking worn. The wear on that shaft will outlast the rings and cylinder bore on the engine, at that time it’s time replace or rebuild anyway. Rebuild kits are ridiculously cheap for these things, crank included. Be sure to scuff that shaft with some fine grit sandpaper and grease it before assembly, makes taking it apart next time a lot easier.


Udor pump and gear drive…

No complaints really, Maybe B&S should start making a harden shaft (forged)

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How many hours do you have on that machine?

About 400 Hours on everything, I pieced it together it was all put together brand new

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No, I had to rubber mallet it in… It was tight!

Hopefully since mines a briggs itll be in better shape.

This is a Briggs


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This briggs leaked at the rear main seal at the 80 hours, I replaced it with a oem piece has been good since (knock on wood)

I would throw a bead of weld on that and regrind it before putting it back together

Yes, I’m going to clean up the keyway and do something about it…

Never weld on a crankshaft. It’s a precision machined component. Bearings and journals require precision, a warped crankshaft doesn’t give it that. To give you some context steel and aluminium heads can warp with overheating coolant (liquid) blowing a gasket it doesn’t take much heat. Welding a crank, not wise.


What briggs is it? I’ve got the 2100 420cc.

You can certainly weld a small bead on that shaft without worrying about warping it .
Machine shops have been welding on crank shaft for a long long time .

They certainly have, I’ve done it on my race cars many times, every one of those times it needed machining and balancing after it’s been Spun and measured with dials. It’s the nature of the beast with a solid piece of machined component. With material this thick you either have enough heat to penetrate it or it’s not welded, especially on heat treated cranks. Side effects of a warped crank is premature wear on bearings or a potentially seized engine. I would personally run it to the ground as it is than have that feeling at the back of my head while on a job. Just my $0.2

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While I do agree to some extent, these are low rpm engines…