The beginning of the end

Hi everyone. Long time member but my first post here. Thank you to everyone here for all the information that gets shared. Long story short. I’m from South Africa relocated to Florida in January, started a pressure washing business Exec Line USA inc. All went well until the news that my visa won’t be renewed. Now sadly I need to sell my rig. Equipment used for 4 months. I think it’s a well built setup as I have used the advice of all the pros on here to build it for the long haul. Sadly it won’t be my haul. If anyone is interested in starting up or expanding their business please contact me at or text me at 941 526 4676 I’m in Lakewood Ranch area. Total I spent on setup $9500 (I have all paperwork) asking $6500
• 7x16’ Tandem trailer, electric brakes on both axles

• GX390 13HP 4@400 Belt drive General Pump (110h)

• GX200 6.5HP 10.5GAL Air Compressor (25h)

• ½” ALL FLO Air Diaphragm Pump

• 250’ Yellow FLEX TECH 5/8”

• 2x100’ 6200PSI 2 wire REX FLEX EXTREME HOSE 3/8”

• 150’ 1 wire Grey non marking hose 3/8”

• 200’ ¾” Water hose

• 3x18” TITAN REELS full frame aluminum

• 16” WISPER WASH Surface cleaner

• 24’ Extension ladder with standoff

• 8’ Fiberglass stepladder

• 40 GAL Chem tank

• 2x55 GAL White plastic drums

• 175 GAL IBC Tote

• Lots of extras. Wands, extension, fittings, chems, brushes, tool boxes.

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Better marry you a fat chick ASAP. That a to sweet of a setup to sell :joy::joy:.

Is there any kind of way to extend your visa? Is not like your a burden to society and by the looks of your setup you seem to be doing well. I know people who have lived in the usa years after visa expired and still got citizenship. Maybe talked to a immigration lawyer if you haven’t already.


:joy::joy: Thanks for the tip but already married :joy::joy:
Tried all avenues for visa. Spent $35k on Immigration attorneys. I was badly advised, lost a lot but learnt more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyhow hopeful to return one day. Btw I used a lot of info from you and Racer to build this rig. Thank you both for your contributions to this forum.


Just come up through South America instead. They’ll let you stay…


Should have no problem selling that rig. What part of Florida? Friend looking for one.

I’m in Florida Bradenton Lakewood Ranch

Got ya was down there two weeks ago where u see the two gold spots a little north of you.

I have a garage you can just store it in if you plan on coming back next year but i live in SC. Its a boat garage attached to the house only thing in there is 12 bags of mulch ive been meaning to put out for over a year now lol. Honestly i have no problem letting you store it there for a year but if you think it would take longer then ya id sell it and put the money away to make a new rig when you come back.


Thanks so much for the offer Grizz I really appreciate it. But I need the money at this stage.


@florida_condo_cleani knows/ “teachs” a bunch of pressure washing guys near him. not sure if any are close but im sure they would make the drive for the right price.

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Nice looking rig. Talk to @BTBPropertyService. Think he’s in Bradenton. He may want it or know someone who might.

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Thanks Racer. I’ll check with him in the morning. :+1:

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@Racer @Francois

I actually already commented on his Facebook post saying I was interested in some stuff. I live in the same town. There was a guy in Lakeland that just got his whole rig stolen. I’ll try and find his info to give to you but I know he is in a rush to get a new setup, you two might be able to work something out.

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Here is the guy, reach out to him and see if he is interested @Francois