The balance of Commercial and Residential business

In a perfect world…what would a comprehensive business development plan look like? In my previous post I detailed how we would get our clients in front of 100 new commercial prospects every month.

For most folks this is a great opportunity-Go after these businesses that have a greater need for repeat business (possible monthly service contracts)…but what ELSE could we do?

Does it make sense to incorporate a direct mail program (post cards etc…) to residential clients? (Past and new)

Aside from making a business development program free… :wink: What would the perfect program look like?

You input is crucial to how AMG (Abstrakt Marketing Group) will pursue pressure washing clients.

Guys, I can’t convey how serious I am about learning about your industry, and what we might be able to do together to grow your businesses.

Lets get the conversations started!


Hey, Jeremy. Give me a call before you do any more solicitation here.
Tomorrow afternoon should be good.

Will do…