That ought to work better

Got one whole season out of that crappy AR pump.

Time to upgrade the machine. Contact one of the vendors and get you something that’s going to last. That pump will outlast the motor

Yeah, that RSV series pump is a pretty sad representation of AR’s line of pumps. Built to be cheap, so they can be sold in “big box stores”, they’re not real dependable. Now the RKV direct drive and the XW belt drives are great pumps.

You are correct. I’m upgrading to a hot water skid in the fall if things work out as planned. I bought this unit to be a back up for my Troy Built cold water 4.0/3700 that I used for 6 years. It had an AR pump that I had rebuilt 3 times and a Honda 13HP motor that has never even sputtered. I got this “John Deer” unit on clearance for $699 and used it for a whole season which for me is 5-6 houses a month. I’d say I got my money’s worth.

Yeah my other machine has the RKV-4G36 and I’ve used it 6 years and had it rebuilt every other year, needed it or not. Not one problem ever.

Alex i’m sorry but that GX390 is bulletproof…I’d be lying if I said that my 13hp “john deere” engine was not pushing my 8gpm pump on a gear drive.

That direct drive pump will go before that engine does