Thanks to Thomas Jepsen aka sidingcontractors (New Website)

After much discussion back and forth with Thomas [MENTION=8424]sidingcontractors[/MENTION], I finally bought the bullet and paid him to take down my original website and build a new one. I was very skeptical at first but his responses to some of the harder questions I asked left me with little doubt as to his abilities. I have to admit, I’m not overly blown away with the look of a wordpress site but the SEO that he wrote into the site is far better than what I had on my old site and after getting used to how it functions I think I have a site that I can work with and build into a reputable online presence for my business.

Thanks, Thomas! I appreciate it very much!

Ya’ll tell me what you think…

Thanks a lot for the kind words. As I told you right off the bat, I’m not a designer. I can put something up that looks decent. My skill set is really SEO (currently ranking #4 for my main keyword with the website I registered just 8-9 weeks ago), and with quality link building, you’d surely be able to dominate your local market for the services you offer.

I’m surprised you decided to add the background image, as I think it looks more clean and simple leaving it the original way, but that’s your choice. Now you have a website that is a lot more manageable, optimized and ready to bring in new business.