Thanks to Fallen Heros

A salute to fallen heros. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and perhaps most of all, inspiration. Our country owes you and your family an incredible debt. Thank you!


I do a 15% discount for all active/retired military and first responders … I love giving back to these people!


I’m from a long long line of vets, former career law and fire dept. I give no discounts. All public service is a voluntary commitment and they get paid for their time. All military since early 70’s is volunteer and they get paid for their time. I do some free stuff for elderly and some single moms my church recommends but no discounts.


I tell every service member I meet. Thank you for your service. Most will appreciate that more than a discount. If they don’t then they served for the wrong reason . Just my opinion. I did not serve so I really have no room to talk. But my father and uncles and both grandfathers did. It was always obvious they appreciate the thank you .

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Bingo. We buy meals for every serviceman we see in uniform at restaurants. I greatly enjoy helping others, I don’t enjoy being asked to provide a discount to someone that chose their profession.

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Same here

Those are all valid opinions I’d say. I just like doing it… that’s how I show my appreciation. Especially because they choose to do those types of jobs. Choosing to join the military or become a firefighter or leo is awsome. Shows good on character id say.

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Love hearing people’s take on this. BTW heros can and does include police, firefighters, teachers and many others. Thank you!

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We give 20% off to all veterans…around Memorial Day we will do 4 houses for free to Gold Star Famalies.

Right now we are in talks with three local govt municipals to clean their veteran memorials for free twice a year.

Next year I’m leaning towards getting rid of the discount though and offering more free services to Gold Star families and maintaining local veteran memorials.