Thanks for Your Thoughts and Prayers

I was deeply touched by the outpouring of good will and affection I received when I shared with the community my cancer diagnosis.

My disease is so pernicious because it’s highly aggressive and once it invades the bladder muscle it becomes almost impossible to control, quick to reappear and metastasize rapidly. My urologist told me that the bladder cancer wouldn’t kill me, one of the metastases would. That’s why the standard treatment of care is the removal of the bladder (and prostate). I said “no” to that. I told her that I would die with my bladder intact, whether that was in 3 months, 3 years or 30. So, they began Bladder-Conservation Therapy.
My urologist performed another biopsy before my treatment and something they call a “Maximal Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT)” to scrape as much of the tumor out as possible before they started the chemo and radiation.
I now have two weeks of radiation and 1week of chemo under my belt with a final round of chemo next week and three more weeks of radiation.
The biopsy came back last Wednesday and my tumor wasn’t invasive yet, which means she removed all of the tumor before I began radiation and chemo. YAHOO
At the advice of my team of physicians I will follow through with the treatment to weaken and possibly kill all other cells that are cancerous in my bladder, but my urologist told me that the tumor is gone and this might actually be the last time I see this cancer. VERY GOOD NEWS INDEED!!!



That’s great news! Your attitude is inspiring.

I hadn’t been on here for awhile so I had no idea about any of this. Really sorry to hear about it but sounds as if things are going much better than what was originally expected. That’s awesome!

Hang in there! I wish you the best during the next few weeks and in the future. I’m sure it’s not easy but hopefully you can put it all behind you very soon.

I’m glad to hear it. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Awsome news buddy, glad to hear it’s going well!

I haven’t logged in here in awhile so I wasn’t aware of this. Truly puts things in perspective. You’ll be in my family’s prayers.

We’re neighbors - you in VA and me in NC. If you ever need an extra set of hands or anything at all, I’m happy to make the drive.


Very happy to read this. Best of luck on the rest of your treatment.

Man thats great news!!!

I has no idea, congratulations! Scary stuff.

Stay strong, that’s great news.
Praying for you man

I’m pulling for you, George. Great news indeed!

Great news buddy

That’s fantastic news! So happy to hear this!

Dude, that is great!

I just got diagnosed with stage 2 Renal Cell and ‘celebrated’ my one month anniversary of kidney removal, they said it was fully contained and got it all. Still healing though, I can probably start work by end if March.


Geez, Brother, that’s rough! They wanted me to give up my bladder, and that’s a 6 hour surgery and plumbing rebuild, 8-10 week recovery. That actually played a role in my decision to save my bladder. When that jerk (first surgeon was a POS) stuck a scope and scalpel up my penis and left my stuff bloody only taking a few minutes to rip me up, I thought 6 hours of that crap might actually be worse than death. Good thing, because had I opted for “radical Cystectomy” they never would have gone back in to scrape the tumor out, and they never would have discovered that the first biopsy was wrong.

Good luck in your recovery, and BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!! Research! AND, check this out on YouTube.

My first batch of broccoli sprouts should be ready tomorrow. BTW, if, when you see Dr. Rhonda you think she’s hot, tell me what you think after she’s talked for several minutes. WHEW!

GOOD LUCK, and don’t just lay down. FIGHT!!!

Fight, no kidding. I have to work with the VA.


Will keep you in mind and will drop a line everytime i take a knee.

God is good. You’ve been in my prayers

Good news on your recovery. DR rhonda patrick is a smart lady. Sprouts and turmeric have been included in my supplements for over a year . I just need to find a sauna now.
Great news, great news. Keep up the awesome recovery.

@MrSparkleVA will we see you in Branson?