Thanks for a fantastic resource!


Over the past few weeks I have found an abundant amount of information here. Seriously, thank you to everyone who contributes here. I have learned a lot about the chemistry and math involved. I have also learned a lot in what to buy in terms of equipment (a little too late albeit) and chemicals and how much I know nothing of marketing.

I’m a plasterer by trade (hardcoat, EIFS, white coat) and have been doing it for 26 years. We exclusively do cladding remediation and maintenance on commercial and residential properties. We do get requests to clean peoples’ homes and have done it on occasion. I definitely enjoyed myself on those projects. 90% of our work is from either inspector referrals or property maintenance companies, the rest are random phone calls from a search or someone stumbling upon our late nineties styled website.

As age creeps on, (I find myself less and less enthused of having to use scaffolding, walkboards etc.) I have been looking to transition into something less strenuous on my body without too big of a difference in margins. Aside from feeling my age, there are a couple of problems with my business long term. There is a near zero repeat rate on residential for us. We either fix the problem(s), resurface the home (which is good for another decade or so) or do aesthetic modifications; job’s over. Commercial is pretty steady as businesses coming and going provide us with a near infinite number of parapet walls to fix (signage), but the money is nowhere as good.

So back to my lurking and thanks again!