Thank You Mr.Bob at Pressure Tek

I just wanted to share something

I purchased the wrong swivel from pressure tek 3500 psi swivel and the other day it blew apart on me

I emailed Mr.Bob on his day off to see what if it was something I may have done wrong which it was

I should have ordered a 4000 psi swivel

He explained some things to me and then shipped me a 4000 psi swivel for NO charge at all Even though it was my Rookie mistake

I just wanted to share this and say that Mr.Bob is a fine person and will have my business for now on

Thank You Mr.Bob

Bob is a great guy who always backs everything up that he sells. His customer service is 2nd to none.

Bob was the first distributor I ever bought from and his forum is the first place I learned anything from as a very green newbie. Bob has a huge heart and has helped me in ways that no one will ever know. I count it a privilege to count Bob not only as a great distributor, but also as a friend.

Bob gave me a pony.

Shoot. I want a pony

Bob is a great guy with some of the best customer service I’ve experienced. I use him for pretty much all my equipment and chem needs. Very responsive and professional!