Techs run credit cards?


I use Paypal which takes pretty much everything. Only about 1 out 20 use c/c though. I don’t encourage tho, much prefer a check.


There’s two way to use PayPal. One involves a fee, the other doesn’t. Do you pay fees with PayPal?


Yes, I carry a swipe or just email them a link.


The swipe is something you got through PayPal?

I have the square swipe but didn’t know PayPal had one.


y, they’ve got several including a chip reader one they keep trying to upgrade me to. I’m not worried about someone giving me a bad card though. I know where they live, lol. So I just have the free one that plugs into my phone. Works great.


What is a cash app? I assume they have the app and transfer money from their account to your?


It’s pretty much Venmo, but cash app will mail you a debit card that is linked to your cash app balance. No fees for normal use.


Maybe I’m new school. But I only accept credit cards or debit cards with square, money orders, venmo, PayPal, cash.

I don’t trust checks. I personally don’t even have checks and the last time I used one was over 10 years ago. I’d prefer my money instantly or as soon as possible. Checks are just too old school for me. To each their own though.


If they give me cash it’s not pay. It’s a donation and I tell them thanks for the donation :grin:


Such a bizarre post. Why create any friction in the sales process?


I said that at one point. It didn’t last long. There’s still a lot of people that use checks. Especially in the demographic that we target. The second you tell a customer they have to run to the bank to get cash bc you either don’t trust them or you’re impatient to wait 24-48 hrs for a check to clear is likely the last time you’ll wash for that customer.

Most banks have apps to cash checks at your convenience. It’s not bad at all


Love banking by phone! Going into an actual branch drives me nuts.


When i started i did that. I was worried about getting a bounced check. It was never a problem as everyone has at least a debit card. But after a few months i realized how much money i was giving square… At 2.75% it adds up fast, now we push for a check, but will still take credit or invoice if needed. Some of my customers want their points.


I guess maybe I should re think it. I have my mobile app where I can deposit checks also. I just have always been worried about bad checks. And yes the 2.75% will eventually get too high.


In the last 5 years I’ve maybe gotten 3 checks that bounced. I contacted the customer and they paid me cash immediately and apologized. Most times it’s just a simple mistake with one of their accounts they don’t use very often. Probably 80% of my customers prefer checks and it would be a pita if I didn’t accept them.


I have never had a problem with bad checks. Typically home owners that care about the appearance of their home are fairly trust worthy. At least when I come to paying for a service that they requested.


Yeah. Most people I know use debit cards these days. Very few people that I know still use checks, as well as most businesses don’t accept them anymore. Everywhere I go I see “no personal checks accepted” signs.


Might want to look into that. I know square’s is $50, not sure what PayPal’s is.

I do know that if a customer ever decides to do a chargeback for whatever reason(wife did the job husband didn’t know it and saw the statement did a chargeback for example) there is nothing you can do about it legally If they used a chip card and you did not use a chip reader. You can’t even dispute it.

Odds are you would just call the customer again and say hey you did a chargeback and I need to re run your card but some people are not ethical and honest.

May never happen but the one time it does it will really tick you off like it did me.


I just email an invoice with my bank details so they can pay online or at the bank.
My favorite however is when they hand me a large wad or envelope of cash.
Which I declare and send receipt of course.
I have never taken cards and dislike recieving cheques.
As for techs using credit cards readers- not needed for my business so far and hopefully never will.


15 years in business thousands of checks only one bounced and t was a mistake. Our work isn’t a necessity more of a luxury people aren’t calling if the $ isn’t in the bank