Are there any other companies, (roofing companies, window washing, anyone similar to our industry.) That you team up with? Like a symbiotic relationship to get more house wash, roof wash jobs?

Well, sounds good on paper but you start giving away jobs to other companies and they seldom reciprocate.

Absolutely. I work with painters, landscapers, and window washers. Business relationships are incredibly important. Find people who you trust and that trust you. It doesn’t happen over night. I have only a select few companies I choose to align myself with. I’ve been burnt before too. So make sure you really trust a company before you refer them.

Also don’t count on just calling a couple of people and expect to be on their list of referrals. Most reputable people already have a go to list. It takes time to develop trust.


This is also the entire point of joining a BNI group in your area. Business Network International

I agree with this. It does take time to really get a picture of a company as someone you feel comfortable referring customers to. Usually when I hear my customers rave about a company and their service, I take their info down. If I hear about them repeatedly, then I start referring them to others as well. It takes time, but my reputation is important, so I’m careful about who I refer to for even work I won’t perform myself. Even if I don’t call them up directly and say I’ll be referring customers to them, they find out pretty quick once they’re on my approved list. Also, customers appreciate in general that I have such a list of trustworthy contractors.

I recently have, like a month ago, with landscaoer and handyman. They dont know what to make of my equipment and love the small trailer idea. But I dont share anything, no secrets if the trade, except how much everything costs(if someone else builds it).