Switched from 2 nozzle bar to 4 nozzle bar


I have a 20” whisper wash eagle wash pro with an 8gpm machine. If you have not made the switch get, you won’t regret it. I’ve doubled my speed and completely eliminated any striping. I really don’t even feel the need to post treat anymore but I’m still not sure about that.

They only disadvantage that I have noticed is the 4 nozzle bar is noticeablely lower to the surface as in if I turn the sc on its side, the edge of the bar will hit the ground. I’m getting adjusted to the height, knowing what to hover over and what I can clear. I do some older home in the city, everything was built on swamp around here so a lot of uneven concrete to wash.

Is it normal for the bar to be this much lower from 4 to 2? Do I still need to post treat if my coverage is perfectly even?


Your nozzles are not lower because of adding 2 more nozzles. Check the fitting from the nozzle to the swivel. They changed it about a year ago and made it longer for some reason. I take it off and run it thru the band saw, or you can just use the old one.


I’m getting better results with the longer fittings. Is there a particular reason for modifying something the manufacturer changed? My first concern was etching the concrete, but after some use it’s gettinf superior results and no damage.


Your better results are from 4 nozzles, not because someone got a shipment of adapters that were a1/4 inch to long and make the nozzles scrape the concrete off the surfacer isn’t completely flat. I modify anything that I can make work better. There is a big difference in using it in the field versus making it. Whisper wash went back to 3/8 hose and elbows after enough people complained.


Isnt the height adjustible? I’m not sure about all models, but the cartridge should be adjustible.


No adjustment


So you’re saying whisper wash did this on accident and has some qc issues? I trust your judgement and experience for the most part so I’ll try both fittings/heights


I’m not speaking for whisper wash. They are an awesome company. Sometimes companies change things and it ends up not working. Nothing nefarious. It just added another quarter inch to the drop down. That, combined with a skirt that hasn’t been charged in a year, could be enough to make your nozzles drag. It did on mine when I changed out some broke or worn out bars.