Sweet spot

What’s your sweet spot? 2200-2700psi always seems to work best for me. What do you run?

Your all over it, Jordan. We like 2500 PSI at 5.5 GPM. Of course the pressure vary a little so you got it.

60-120 psi hitting the wall with a 5.5 and a 8gpm rig

3k+ psi for surface cleaners on the same machines

Fleet Washing may be a little different there buddy :slight_smile:

Surface cleaners are heck to hold on mudflaps.

opps, I didn’t realize this was the fleet section

That’s was good for a giggle. Well I am thinking about putting a 8gpm on a gx390 knowing my pressure will be at around 1800psi do you think the trade of in pressure would balance out with a 35%increase in flow? I currently am getting 5.3gpm at 2400-2700 but quit often I run it at 2200psi. Any thoughts?

I don’t do alot of fleet washing, but going from 5.3 gpm to 8gpm is a 51% increase in flow. (the gain of 2.7 gpm amounts to 51% of your current 5.3gpm). The increase should allow you to work faster, but if you are hauling your own water in you must make sure you get 50% more productivity per hour or you will run out of water before finishing the same # of units.