Surfactant ratios

Am i supposed to use less than 1 oz per gallon of surfactant when im house washing with my 12 v? Ive been using about 1 oz per gallon and its taking me forever to rinse. Everything ive read just gives directions on down streaming.

This is pretty much a common sense answer but if it seems like too much try using less. Start at 1/2 ounce per gallon. That much might not even be necessary

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After down streaming it ends up being around 1/10 of an ounce per gallon if the injector is pulling 10/1.

Why not rinse with your pressure washer? That will speed up rinsing.

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Depends on your surfactant too.

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I have actually memorized the exact sound of the “plop” when I pour my surfactant in the mix tank. So, I just play it by ear.

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It is a lot quicker and more efficient to wash with a pressure washer than a 12-volt pump but I guess that’s not what you’re asking

That depends on what you are washing. sometimes it is faster to hit with 12 volt and come behind it with the washer


I’ve never come across anything like that, but if I did, I wouldn’t bid on it.

I figured it’d be faster for a two man team. One guy hits house with the 12 v as the other guy follows behind him rinsing with the powerwasher.

And i’d be able to know exactly what i was hitting the house with when i use 12 volt

Shh,lol … Nascar throw back is on.

@Innocentbystanderis right. most of the time downstream is faster. but, for example if I’m cleaning a lot of brick or something like that I’ll use my 12 volt then rinse


or unpainted stucco. Did a strip mall in a little over an hour. 1 guy with the 12v applying and another with 8gpm rinsing. That doesn’t include setup. They definitely have there place. Although I’d rather wash vinyl all day


Not me. I’ll stick with concrete and brick.