Surfaces around a pool

hey guys we’re just dipping our toe into pressure washing and I was curious if we had to take any extra precautions on this type of a material surrounding a pool. Our machine is 3100 psi and 2.5 gallons per minute.

You always do.
Just inform before hand to the owner that sometimes, maybe… some grout might cone out.
And when yoh have a chance get a machine with higher gpm

should I be worried about the pressure washer damaging the surface itself? we did a job for a fella the other day (we did not do around his pool) but he told us that his warranty require nothing more than 1500 PSI to be used around the pool.

Then walk away…
If your surface will cut your psi in 2, if you have 2 nozzles.
Get a pressure gage.
Never pull the trigger on the SC directly, always tilt it, then look at th e gage, you should be ok.