Surface cleaning with gum removal

Submitting a bid for a plaza this evening which will entail roughly 15k sq ft or surface cleaning, cleaning the face of all plaza buildings and metal awnings, rust stain removal on some spots on the sidewalks and a few stand alone buildings. I know what we generally charge for commercial surface cleaning but havent done something this big with gum, it seems like theres scattered spots all over… how do your prices differ with surface cleaning and gum removal added on top? I have attached a picture of the worst section i noticed.

Add 50%. Gum removal is very labor intensive, especially on such a large job.

so basically if we were going to be at .12 sq ft be at .18?

I threw that out as a ballpark.

It’s an extra $900. You’d have to determine if that is appropriate or not.

I charge my normal sqft rate. Walk around and figure out a ballpark amount of hours it will take me to pop the gum. Add 1hr to it because I tend to be overly optimistic and add that to the total.