Surface Cleaning Tips

I did a 1200 sq ft house today, then proceeded to surface clean the back patio, driveway that runs along the side of the house as well as the sidewalk that runs along the front of the house.

I washed the house in a reasonable amount of time, then got out the surface cleaner. The surface cleaner spit dirt and mud all over the place so I had to go back and rewash parts of the back, side and front.

How do you guys hand surface cleaning so that you do not create more work for yourself?

Should I do it first, so that if anything gets on the house I can wash it off once?

We tend to wash everything top to bottom as in roof, house then flatwork. The flatwork can be a mess at time but we rinse like crazy when done with everything. Every now and then a flatwork job can cause mayhem on the clean house but in most cases its just an easy rinse to clear it all up.

Sounds like I experienced a little mayhem, because that is what it did. I just rinsed it again, it just took a little more time. I just wanted to see if this was out of the ordinary or if there was a better way to do it.

The patio was dark black, it appeared to not been cleaned in many many years. Came out really nice though.

Down here, I do flat work first, then trim the edges surface cleaner could not get. While rinsing I find that it give the house time to dry up before a wash. When we do roof washing I wash the house after. It probably depends on the areas landscaping styles too. Find whatever groove you like and always be prepared to change it up when situations dictate.

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I’ve done house then concrete and I’ve done concrete then house.
personally, I like doing concrete then house for that very reason.