Surface Cleaning ONLY, 4 GPM vs 5.5 GPM?

I know the resounding sentiment on this site is that more GPM is always best. But just out of curiosity, say there was a hypothetical situation where all of your work was Surface Cleaning driveways, sidewalks, etc… Would a 4 GPM with 4000 PSI do a better job than a 5.5 GPM with only like 2500 PSI? Or is GPM still the most important factor when it comes to SC?

More gpm = the ability to power a larger SC. General quick rule is 1 gpm = 4". about 2500 psi is the max you would want to clean most res. concrete. To answer your last question your unit would determine which SC to use so that question cannot be answered easily. Also nozzles on your SC matter/ and which way they are positioned.

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