Surface Cleaners

There are a Ton out there and really in my eyes they all vary with results… So whats your fav SC,Size and Why. Also do you prefer one with wheels or not?

I have one hover and one with wheels. I like them both. I use the wheels on bigger areas (28" big guy) and the hover on smaller areas (19" yellow one from Bob) and got both of them from Bob

I just have an inexpensive Northstar 16" with wheels. Works great, but you have to rinse the sand out of the casters an lube them after every job. The high $ ones may have sealed bearings I don’t know

I have only used & owned 1. It’s a 20’’ path hover general pump Hammerhead. Fantastic, hasn’t let me down yet. Only cost around $400 & I’ve made that back with it 10x over. All residential work.

Can’t go wrong with the Classic.

We like the “Big Guy’s” (plus I just love the name) 4 nozzle bar. Works great with our machines.

Lets say your running a 5 gpm roughly 3k psi machine. If you had any option, what would you buy for a surface cleaner?

What he said, classic. Tell Bob what machine you have and he will set you up with the right tips.

Here’s what I use Alex R Curry Why I Use A Landa Water Jet By - YouTube.

Alex I use a Landa…It was used and the other guy didnt like it. I just use a ball valve with out the pull handle thing. I love how fast it spins and its tough. My only Con is breaking spray bars. i used to buy them but now I am just making my own. I wish they made a 28inch
There is also a cyclone model…I have never used it but would be open to it.

Our company is set up for employees to be operating the equipment so you have to look at surface cleaners from a different perspective when you are letting employees handle them 24/7. We also do a lot of larger commercial flat work so a floater is not optimal for 75% of our cleanings. But when you factor in price, longevity, durability, and efficiency it comes down to a 24 inch Steel Eagle as the best bet for my company. The Steel Eagles and Landas are best for what I do but the Landas are much more expensive. Although, I do like the lightness in weight on the Landas the Steel Eagles are more durable and cost much less. All you have to do is add a third arm and they SCREAM! Plus parts are less expensive when things go wrong. That is just my opinion. I have floaters, the Big Guy, Landas, 30 inchers, but overall my 24 inch Steel Eagles are best, just got to add the third arm.

18 hammer head and 30 steel eagle

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28 big guy

Love the WW Classic…have tried the cleaners with wheels but just prefer the floaters…we use it with 8gpm

20" BE and 21" Sirocco. We like the floater best though.

Sparking up an old thread but this is all I could find in the search bar…
I have a Mosmatic 21" with the stock 2 bar set up that I have been using with my 8gpm 3000 psi machine up until today when I installed my 4 bar… All I have to say is WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING BEFORE THIS!!! The new 4 bar is a BEAST, I dont have to go over the same path twice also I’m walking faster! I cleaned an 1800 sq ft exposed aggregate drive way in 45 mins including edging and rinsing. Im never going away from a 4 bar with 25 deg tips again. I pre and post treated with a 50/50 HW mix too!

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I am thinking about getting the Classic. I have a 4GPM / 4200PSI cold water unit. At least that’s what it said on the box. Inside though - on the actual label affixed to the machine - it says 3.5 GPM.

I also understand low GPM can be a problem when using surface cleaners.

Do you guys think the Classic will work fine with my machine?

Classic is rated (from pressuretek website):

PSI: 2,000 - 4,000
GPM: 4 - 10

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Get the Classic. You may not always have that small machine but you’ll never want to be without your classic.