Surface cleaner

does anyone have a suggestion on a small surface clneer about 8 to 12 inches

Get a bigger pressure washer.

Why so small?

I gave mine away

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing
Warner Robins, GA

Just bought and used my 20" Whisper Wash Classic last week and WOW!!! Everyone should have one of these!

I have a 12" mosmatic and like it a lot for small jobs, like steps, small porches, and things like that. Much more than that or tile work and it will be time consuming.

I got it at Kleen rite for $333.

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i wanted a smaller one for doing small spots like a brick porch some of the houses we do only have about three feet between them

after looking i think i chould use a 20 to 18 inch

I would go with something a little bigger, maybe 18 or 20 inches.