Surface Cleaner Whisper Wash

So I decided to pull the trigger will be placing an order to replace my Surface Cleaner (NT) with a 19’ Whisper Wash. After reading a few posts im still confused as to which size nozzles would suit an 8GPM machine @ 3500 psi. I decided to purchase the 4 nozzle bar though I have never used a 4 nozzle surface cleaner but from what I have read, it works phenomenal. Apparently the nozzles are not included with the SC so I will have to buy separately. Any help would be great.

It will probably come with nozzles…my recent purchase of the 24", did.

I have 3 sets of nozzles for my 4 nozzle bar and 8.5gpm machine. I use 2520,2525 and 2530…depending on the concrete. Mostly, I have used the 2530 tip. But, like yesterday, I did a Dairy Queen drive thru, parking spots and walkways…used the 2520 with hot water and glad that I did…it was in pretty bad shape.

It will probably come with 2502’s. You probably want some 2502.5 and 2503s. I run the one I use for residential with the 2503s most the time. My commercial I run the 2502’s most the time.

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I just purchased the Maxima 36" WW. From PT.
Holy crap what a performer!!! W/ 8 GPM unit.
For your question the 4 bar option was standard with 2 #25025 included and the other were plugged. I had to purchase the other separate.

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Thanks guys. PT confirmed only
2 nozzles(2505) are provided with the Whisper Wash quad nozzle surface cleaner. I will order the other two from them. Thanks for your help.Cant wait to tryout the Whisper Wash.

NT comes with 4 nozzles

If you’re going to 4 nozzles, will need to order 4, because will need to be a different size.

Do yourself a favor and order an extra set. Much easier to replace in the field than trying to clean them in the field.


What speed are you moving? Is it slow with that large SC

You can’t run with it, but def… can move faster with no streaking. I cleaned 1800 sq. ft. drive and walkway the other day in 1hr 20 min.
I do pre-soak and use hot water , a must on concrete for better outcome in my opinion.

FYI I have only used 20" up till now. Very happy with new 36" Maxima. It was a little pricey though!!!

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Are the surface cleaner nozzles 1/4" or 1/8"? I’m looking at pulling the trigger on the Whisper Wash Classic from PressureTek

1/4 I don’t think WW uses 1/8 on anything

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Mosmatic uses 1/8 on spray bars

You will like it they are very tough and last along time I get well over 1000 driveways out of a swivel cartridge. ABSOLUTELY get the stainless steel nozzle sleeves they easily double or triple the life of the bar. And also powers through puttles better with the extra weight on the ends


Great! Thank you for the advice!