Surface cleaner-streaking

good afternoon folks

have a quick question as it relates to surface cleaners…

what is the reason when they develop streaks on surfaces…?

Not enough gallons per minute, walking to fast, stubborn stains without pre treatment. Also you can get streaks in a flooded area, as it will slow the spinning of the SC.

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all that as well as change your Tips if you haven’t done that in a while…

Just downstream a house or straight mix before you start. Let it set atleast 10 mins and go to town.

thanks guys

Bret just a little more clarity on your comment please

Use your downstream injector just like you would on a house wash but use it to spray concrete. The minimum mix should be house wash strength 2 gal H2O and 2 gal of SH/liquid chlorine. If its nasty concrete use straight SH and downstream that and if it’s super nasty use a roof pump or pump up sprayer to get a strong concentration of SH on there.


watch this

Watch this one as well.


Cool video Alex!

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Lapping can cause streaking too. I got lap marks on the first couple I did until I learned how to combat that issue with my SC