Surface cleaner recommendations

I have about $500 to spend. I’m looking for some epierenced people to steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Also, instead of making two threads I have another equipment question. My hands feel like they’re going to fall off from trigger fatigue. What’s a good gun that’s not so hard on the hands?

Whisper Wash is the best I THINK.
EVERYBODY has a opinion what they use is the best…

My machine is 5gpm 3,000 psi.

Local guy is trying to sell me a 21” mosmatic for 1,100

Any gun sutner makes is going to be an improvement. I have a 16" BE for my small machine and the “stock” gun is garbage. Same issues. I changed to a sutner replacement and it’s like a dream, cam operate with one finger.

I use a tennis ball in my trigger to help with hand fatigue. It pops right out if you need to shut down in a hurry.

You can get a whisper wash classic for around $700

What do y’all think about this one?

Or this one. Can’t make my mind up. Any thoughts?

That is the best money can buy. With your gpm is go with the 16 inch version though

The specs on the 16” Eagle say up to 6gpm, you run 8gpm. Is that why put the 90 deg fitting on the cover?

Which one are you referring to? The whisper or the mosmatic?

Which one? The eagle or mosmatic?

I keep asking, but has anyone heard of or have experience with A+ surface cleaners?

Eagle wash. I run 8 gpm. Elbow is on all of mine, 16 and 19 inch. Same swivel in both sizes.

It looks really nice. I’m almost willing to give it a try for that price. Looks like quality material. I would love to talk to someone who has owned one

Unless you are doing parking decks or large expanses of concrete you will hate the casters

Why do you say that? I thought the casters would make it easier on the back. Don’t the wheels make it easier to operate?

Could the be an optional thing on the same machine?

If your machine can float it it’s even better than casters. Casters make detailing edges and corners a little tougher and can get hung up on stuff. Fall off edges, etc.

I see. I’ve been using This

I prefer the casters, but I understand the commercial equipment might feel different.

Would it be possible to purchase one with casters and take them off if I don’t like them?

What squid said. Hard to do a sidewalk when the wheels keeping dropping into the grass. Can’t cut, run them across steps, carry them up steps easily etc