Supply reel jumper hose

Howdy y’all. Does anyone know where I can get a short section (10 feet or less) of 3/4" garden hose to run from the reel to the buffer tank? Do I just need to cut a section off of my existing hose and install repair barbs with hose clamps? I would prefer something that is readily available off the shelf but I can whip something together if need be. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Poly braided line and hose barbs if you are going up connect reel to tank. You lose a ton of water pressure doing it that way. We break off reel and connect hose to connections at the tank.

Ah, I see. So, you only use the reel for storage and transport but you don’t actually utilize the internals. That sounds fine to me. Thanks @Innocentbystander!


Steel Eagle makes a reel with all 3/4 fittings all the way through the reel. It does not reduce down.

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Great info. Thanks! @Clean_Blue

Hannay and others do also. Still doesn’t negate compressed hose on a reel

I think you’re right. Common sense would tell me that every wrap around a drum would create more work for the water to overcome thus lowering the flow. Not to mention the 90° angles coming out of the swivel and at the inlet connection on the reel. I think strip it all and then just roll up when job is complete. Thanks for all the help folks!