Sunday.... why not?

Why the heck not?


You dont have any picanha on that grill. Get a sirloin top cap from Publix (if they offer to shave the fat off, call them infidels). cut it into about 1" to 1.5" strips. Slap some course salt on it then grill to your preference. With a sharp knife slice the meat into thin slices and eat while its hot enough to burn your fingers. Wash down with caipirinha if you like alcohol or soda if you dont. Supposedly its also good with feijoada but I dont eat it that way

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I usually buy it when i go to atlanta.
Here they have no clue.

Here is some picanha


Try telling them Sirloin Top Cap. Theyll give you a largeish slab of meat and then you cut it into the sloces like you show in the pictures. I get mine at my local publix. The first time or 2 i had to pull up pictures on my phone. Now they stock it.

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