Sunday food!

It appears @Ikii has either turned vegan or tore up his grill, so I thought I’d share a recipe from yesterday… One of the absolute best steaks I have ever eaten in all my days, a marinated
12oz NY strip.

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons of Sauer’s steak seasoning (this stuff rawks!!)

I dumped it into a 1 quart zipper bag with the steak & let it marinate at room temperature for 5 hours before throwing it on the charcoal & letting it cook in the flames. I used natural hardwood briquets because I was out of hardwood lump charcoal but the result did not disappoint! Cooking in the flames produces a nice bark on the outside & still keeps it crazy juicy! Just have to be careful not to overcook, because it cooks fast. You could cut this thing with a fork.


It looks amazing…may have had to eat 2 of those myself


Just get one twice as thick! You give it more fire & still keep it juicy.

Sounds like a better idea even!

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Nothing beats a steak on real charcoal. 95% of the time I’m too lazy or short of time and use the gas though.


Just build you a 17gpm rig to free up some time, it’ll be well worth it. But I totally understand… I’ve never used gas but I use the pellet smoker all the time. It’s literally an appliance. I’m about to put my cast iron skillet on there so I can scramble eggs & smoke bacon at the same time for breakfast. Bacon from the smoker is absolutely fabulous.

Speaking of pellet smokers, the dry rub wings are about ready to come off…

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I don’t even know you

If it makes you feel better, I own 2 charcoal grills and only 1 gas grill, plus the gas griddle, which I can almost swear I’ve seen others use and a combo smoker.

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i by far prefer only salt and pepper on the good meats. rib eyes are choice. i save the spices for chicken or roast.


I am going to try that marinade, looks awesome

Igot my flu and pneumonia shot 13 days ago, and been in bed for the last 10 days.
The doc says it is stronger than last year.
hopefully i will get out of the house on wednesday or thursday.


Ugh. Sorry to hear. Get to feeling better. :+1:


Get some good rest!!!

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This is how I used to roll 100% but I grill several times a week these days & like to experiment to switch it up a bit. NY strips were on sale so I grabbed a 2 pack. The first one was salt & pepper only. The second one is pictured above from the next day. The marinade allows you to put more flame on it without drying it out & makes it crazy tender.

if it getting dry, your not close enough to flame i think. 5-6in from flame will flame broil them well, well to my liking. and I use the lid to make it hot so you get a little of both flame and heat at the same time. alot probably dont do this. I tealize it depends on the grill. Oh and I slather the steaks with veg oil prior to salt pepper.

Hope you get better soon buddy


no more shots for me. Im done. Cant trust the system anymore. It sounds like you got the flu from the shot. I got the flu shot once and it gave me the flu, doesnt make much sense if Im still missing work. I can handle the flu and apparently the covid too.

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I think I was a salt & pepper guy for so long because grilling a steak was such a ‘special occasion’ I didn’t want to risk ruining a good steak with a method I wasn’t totally confident with. When you grill for one all the time & there are no expectations, you get to have fun & try new things.

i hear you. I just started on the opposite side of the spectrum. I used to do A1 on steak all the time. I thought thats how it was done. No real male influence in my life so…yeah. Hamburgers are the experimental foods, and sammiches. lol.

Sounds like you need some charcoal. Hardwood lump is best but the cheap stuff will do.